"Keep it Real, be you and most importantly have amazing fun!"

"Build Your Own Yoga Program for Your Home Practice"

Why We Do It

"Our mission is to help you demystify your body and get out of pain, in a light-hearted and fun way."

Over the past decade we have shared our passion for health and fitness, and most importantly our love for yoga with the community for all levels and ages, integrating different styles and mediums, so it can be available to all.

And as time passes and presents us with change and new experiences, we have developed a deeper sense of our passion, and that is to share the practice of yoga with a therapeutic touch.

Providing you with a private, more intimate setting for a one on one sessions, and/or the option to practice in a unique group class.

Both our sessions privately and group are unique from the other, allowing you the freedom to express your own unique self.

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Neck Stretch

This week we’ll focus on stretching the neck
Are […]

What Yogis Are Saying!

"I was 59 when I attended my first yoga class five years ago. Almost immediately I found a tremendous sense of spiritual connection as I learned from Helena the correct ways to stretch and bend my body. Read more...